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Ecru Florentine

Black Minimalist Album Cover Design
I love colorful eye-catching album cover artworks but this minimalist cover design looks stunning too. The Copenhagen-based graphic design studio Re-public created this black cover design for the album “Lektion III” by the DJ collective Den Sorte Skole aka The Black School.
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Five years of River Song
↳ First and last words onscreen

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#415 Hexagon morning – A new minimal geometric composition each

Hey everyone! My brother’s written and composed a brand new musical called ‘Marion: Are you Jealous?’, and he’s put up an indiegogo page to help raise money to produce a CD with a selection of the songs! He’s put his heart and soul into this, and it would mean a lot to us both if you would spread the word about it! Comments are always appreciated as well, you can show your support here: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/marion-are-you-jealous-selections-recording/x/2508995 Thank you! <3


Animated Photography (Set of 4) by me Jamila Hodges
More experimentation in terms of animating still imagery. I plan to develop and experiment with this technique to its full potential, but right now I’m just enjoying exploring the possibilities.
(Beautiful Photo’s courtesy of Nigel Howe)